Recruiting & Renewing Longterm Donors through Direct Mail

Contributed by Pallavi Kumar, CEO, SAFRG (South Asian Fund Raising Group), India

This is to thank all the participants for their highly participatory attendance at our recently concluded Direct Mail masterclass. I am glad you liked and appreciated the workshop. As the topic of this blog indicates, this masterclass aimed at sharing the following with you:

1) Fundamentals of Fundraising (see Surat Sandhu's presentation)

2) Fundamentals of Direct Mail & how to write a Direct Mailer to acquire donors (see Anup Tiwari's presentations)

3) Which lists to use and how to use them (see Chetan Sharma's presentation)

4) How to renew donors that you acquire (see Anup Tiwari's presentation)

5) Renewing donors by wishing them (see Bijay Mishra's presentation)

6) And finally how to acquire monthly pledge donors (see Anup Tiwari's presentation)

I hope you will find these useful. Happy downloading these on your machines and your work life too.

Cheers and see you soon in our next workshops and 20th South Asian International Fundraising Workshop in Jaipur (August 8-11, 2009).



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